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Metal jewelry rooted in the power of simplicity and awe of the ordinary.


Ali Yager creates wearable metal art, celebrating the power of the material to ground us in our world.

Strength. Simplicity. Honesty.

Stemming from a life surrounded by modern art and architecture, Ali's work is deeply rooted in both material and design.   Simple geometry and powerful forms are the backbone of her work. Each piece is a point of connection between material, human experience and the natural world.



About the Photographs

I have a collection of my father Kipp's drawings, that were "drawn" with rollers and paint. While most of his best known work was massive sculpture, I have some small models of these larger works. I use his pieces as a background for my images on this site. It seems entirely fitting that Kipp's art provides the physical background to my work because in so many ways his art is a background to my work.

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